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‘Thabo Mbeki gave you a strong ANC’: ANC’s Bheki Mtolo says Zuma should apologise to Ramaphosa for handing over a ‘weak’ ANC

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Criticism continues to mount as the provincial secretary of the African National Congress (ANC) in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), Bheki Mtolo, took a swipe at former president Jacob Zuma, saying he must apologise to the party and President Cyril Ramaphosa for contributing to the party’s downfall during his presidential term.

Mtolo alleged that unlike Ramaphosa, former president Thabo Mbeki gave Zuma a strong party, but he handed over a weak ANC to Ramaphosa and blamed him for his failures.

“Zuma must apologise to the ANC and Ramaphosa because he was given a strong ANC with a majority. He weakened the ANC,” he said.

Mtolo addressed the cadres’ forum at Inkosi Bhambathata region in KZN on Sunday.

This is as the party is consolidating the gains and greasing the province ahead of the 2024 national and provincial elections.

The party hopes to emerge victorious in the upcoming general elections.

During his address, Mtolo dismissed claims that Ramaphosa’s leadership drowned the party’s support. He said the party’s support started fading in 2009 when Zuma assumed office.

“This thing of saying the ANC’s support declined because of Ramaphosa is a lie, it is not true. Data is there, ANC’s downfall started in 2009 when Zuma was the president of the ANC,” he said.

The ANC in KZN is facing a political meltdown due to its alleged division and failure to deliver services to the people.

Mtolo blamed Zuma, who now rallies behind the MK Party, for causing a stir in the political landscape by being an activist for MK.

In December, Zuma made it clear that he would not vote for the ANC because of its current leadership.

According to Mtolo, all the people who supported Zuma in his tenure were no longer his friends.

He described him as a man who was self-centred and only worked for his family and not the people.

He mentioned that Ramaphosa may not be a good singer and dancer, but was practically singing to ensure that people would benefit from the government.

He hailed him for his efforts to improve the country after taking over from Zuma.

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