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Someone At Toddler’s Daycare Didn’t Have A Vaccination, Now This Family Is Planning A Funeral

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The movement against vaccination likes to believe that they are helping the globe. They believe they are avoiding autism in hundreds, if not millions, of infants by exposing the “hidden dangers” of vaccines. Yet, the truth is that their campaign exposes their children and other children to illnesses that could endanger their lives.

Recently, Alex Dempsey took a car to pick up her kid Killy from daycare. She was aware that the 4-month-old had a fever, but she didn’t give it much thought at the moment. She diagnosed him with a stomach bug and advised him to rest and unwind.

She started to worry a little more when Killy developed a rash. When Tylenol wasn’t helping with the fever, she thought something must be wrong with her small boy.

She hurried him to the ER, where he was swiftly identified as having meningitis, a serious condition that can be avoided with a straightforward vaccine.

The medical professionals have also made it obvious that this infection did not appear out of nowhere. At the same daycare, they observed another person who had the same virus. Yet, this guy was not immunized.

The effects of meningitis on the brain are profound. It comes in several forms and infects the membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord. The bacterial type, which Killy contracted from this unvaccinated child, is not as rarely life-threatening as the viral kind.

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