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The Royal Family 'will be concerned by the Queen's Covid diagnosis'

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The Royal Family will be “concerned” by Queen Elizabeth’s Covid-19 diagnosis.

The 95-year-old monarch has tested positive for the virus and although she’s only experiencing “mild, cold-like symptoms”, her family “won’t be complacent” about the situation, according to a royal expert.

Robert Jobson, the author of “William: The Making of a Modern Monarch”, said: “As a rule, the Palace do not routinely talk about the Queen’s health unless they have something definite to say, and she clears it.

“This time they have been candid. What concerns me, however, is the reference to Her Majesty continuing with ‘light duties’ at Windsor over the coming week.

“I really think given her great age, that she should have a complete rest, and leave the duties to others in her family.”

The royals will be thinking about the Queen’s health over the coming days, according to Robert.

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The expert told The Mirror: “There is no doubt The Prince of Wales and his family will be concerned by this development and won’t be complacent.

“Charles often spends longer at Windsor Castle when he visits these days, so that he can enjoy quality time with his mother.

“Kate, Duchess of Cambridge flies to Copenhagen this week for a series of solo engagements. If there was a serious cause for concern, I am sure that overseas visit would have been postponed.

“That said, every time there is a Palace bulletin about the health of the monarch, it focuses the minds of her family and her loyal subjects during this Platinum Jubilee year.”

Robert also noted that the monarch will have a “top medical team around her”.

He said: “The Palace has assured us that there is no need for panic, with their statement talking of ‘mild, cold like’ symptoms.

“Thankfully, she has a top medical team around her, monitoring constantly.”

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