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Man sues father-in-law, demands full refund of bride price after wife cheated

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In a startling turn of events in Harare, a man identified as Maxmillan Tapiwa Kondowe has sued his father-in-law, Charles Bandera, aiming to get a full refund of bride price he paid.

The dispute arose following the distressing revelation that his bride-to-be was involved in an affair and cheated on him before their wedding ceremony.

He made a legal case, demanding for the refund of significant sum of US$2,700 as well as other items he presented.

Detailing the sequence of events to the civil court, Kondowe explained that he made the payment in March 2021, however, he faced a stipulation from the bride’s father, requiring him not to live with his wife-to-be until after their formal wedding ceremony.

Zimlive reports that merely two months later, Kondowe stumbled upon WhatsApp messages on his wife’s phone indicating her involvement with another man.

A confrontation ensued, wherein she allegedly confessed to the infidelity, prompting Kondowe to terminate the marriage and seek a full refund.

His father-in-law, upon being served the summons, failed to present a defense, resulting in a default judgment against him.


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