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Cigna Healthcare Announces Partnership with AAR Insurance to Provide New Services in East Africa

With Cigna’s new insurance (www.Cigna.com) partnership in Kenya, policyholders can access medical treatment within Kenya and tap into a global network of top-tier healthcare providers; The launch event was attended by the CEO of Cigna International Markets, the US Ambassador to Kenya, and the Board Chair of AAR Insurance Kenya.

Cigna Healthcare, a renowned global health insurance company, has announced its new partnership with AAR Insurance Kenya. This collaboration is set to transform the insurance landscape in East Africa, delivering comprehensive and unmatched insurance coverage.

The launch event, held today at the US Ambassador’s House in Nairobi, Kenya, witnessed the presence of Meg Whitman, US Ambassador to Kenya, Jerome Droesch, CEO – Domestic Health and Health Services, International Health, Cigna Healthcare, Ms. Esther Koimett, Board Chair of AAR Insurance Kenya and Dr. Patrick Gatonga, Group CEO of AAR Insurance Kenya. Other attendees included senior representatives from over 60 government entities and embassies, as well as representatives of the international health and insurance industries.

This Cigna and AAR Insurance Kenya partnership seamlessly blends local expertise with global reach, providing policyholders with unmatched access to healthcare services on a global scale. With this expanded coverage, policyholders will enjoy the flexibility to seek medical treatment within Kenya and tap into a network of world-class healthcare providers across the globe.

Jerome Droesch, CEO of Cigna International Markets Business for Domestic Health and Health Services, said, “This achievement signifies a major milestone in Cigna’s longstanding presence in Africa, a market we’ve proudly served for over 60 years. By combining our global expertise with AAR Insurance’s deep understanding of the local market, this partnership delivers unmatched healthcare coverage to policyholders, addressing the demand for innovative insurance solutions that align with Kenya’s specific needs and shaping a robust future for the insurance industry in the nation.”

Ms. Esther Koimett, Board Chair of AAR Insurance Kenya, emphasized, “Through our partnership with Cigna Healthcare, we are reaffirming our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet diverse needs in East Africa. This collaboration will introduce a range of superior insurance products that provide both local and international coverage, paving the way for a future where comprehensive health coverage knows no boundaries.”

Meg Whitman, US Ambassador to Kenya, said, “Creating the right business environment and partnering with the private sector is essential for Kenya to expand access to quality healthcare for all its citizens.  Our embassy is working with the Government of Kenya and the private sector to continuously improve the business environment, so that innovative U.S. companies in the healthcare sector such as Cigna can grow and expand in Kenya.”    

In addition to global health services, the partnership offers various other benefits, including an employee assistance program, telehealth services, clinical care for critical illnesses, mental health solutions, and access to an online well-being solution – LVL Wellbeing. Members can also access policy details and claims from anywhere and at any time through the Cigna mobile app.

The new partnership in Kenya complements Cigna’s extensive portfolio, which encompasses more than 190 million customer relationships in over 30 countries and jurisdictions.

With a legacy of over 200 years, Cigna Healthcare is committed to its promise of being together all the way in providing healthcare, clinical management, and wellness programs to employers, individuals, and governments around the world.

This strategic alliance represents a convergence of minds, a meeting of two entities driven by a shared commitment to excellence and a profound dedication to the well-being of our communities. With its longstanding reputation for reliability and commitment to local needs, Cigna has found a like-minded partner in AAR Insurance, an industry leader in Kenya renowned for its expertise, reach, and unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare solutions.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Cigna Healthcare.

About Cigna Healthcare:
Cigna Healthcare is a global health service company dedicated to helping people improve their health and vitality. With a heritage of over 230 years, Cigna Healthcare is committed to its promise of being together all the way in providing healthcare, clinical management and wellness programs to employers, individuals, and governments around the world.

Operating for more than 19 years in the Middle East region, Cigna Healthcare serves the GCC markets and Lebanon through its locally regulated entities. The company delivers both health and wellness services to individuals, employers, and government entities in the region.

Cigna Healthcare has been operating in the African continent for 60 years, through direct partnerships with locally licensed insurers in each market.

Cigna Healthcare maintains a global sales capability in 30 countries and jurisdictions, employing over 70,000 people that service more than 190 million customer relationships.

To learn more about Cigna Healthcare, visit www.Cigna-ME.com

About AAR Insurance:
AAR Insurance Kenya is a leading medical and general insurance company providing innovative underwriting solutions to individuals, families and businesses.

We currently serve over 100,000 customers in Kenya. Our current strategic focus entails growing our market strength via digital innovation while aggressively pursuing emerging opportunities in underserved segments like SME and micro insurance.

As the insurance industry undergoes digital disruption, affecting how insurers engage with customers, we have re-aligned our products and services to meet emerging consumer trends and expectations in a rapidly digitised business environment.

We recently rolled out a Cloud infrastructure as part of our goal to be a fully digital insurance company. We are keen on forging partnerships to improve operational efficiency in claims management. We are enhancing service delivery via the AAR Insurance Mobile App and Online interactive portals. AAR Insurance is also actively growing in the counties.

As a responsible business, we have consistently invested in the well-being of people, communities and the Planet as part of our sustainability agenda.

To learn more about AAR Insurance, visit https://AAR-Insurance.com/Ke


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