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WATCH: Askies? This phone costs over R11 million

There are rich people and then there are the ultra-wealthy who may as well live in another world.

The latter buy obscenely expensive items in the name of exclusivity.


This exorbitant phone was created by Caviar, a Russian company that creates bespoke products for its customers who are living it up.

The organisation describes itself as, “An international brand of custom luxury class devices. In creating products, we use elegant combinations of high technologies with exquisite materials: gold, diamonds, natural leather, carbon, jewellery enamel, meteorites and rare artefacts.

This custom iPhone costs around R11,636,578.

The ultra-exclusive model of Apple’s latest smartphone has a unique casing crafted of 18K white gold and encrusted with 570 individual diamonds, as well as the Snowflake Graff necklace pendant produced by Laurence Graff, the legendary English jeweller.

The necklace on its own costs around R1,323,690.

Its pendant is formed like an openwork snowflake and is set with several round and marquise-shaped diamonds. It is suspended from a white gold chain that is interwoven with bezel-set round diamonds.

In total, the diamonds weigh approximately 6.65 carats.

Caviar has built several of the most ridiculously costly hand-held devices in human history, such as the coated in gold iPhone 7 to the Tyrannophone, an iPhone 13 Pro with a genuine T-rex (Tyrannosaurus rex) teeth lodged in it.

Now you may be wondering, who on this blue earth buys a phone with dinosaur teeth on it? Well, its the individuals with an almost incomprehensible amount of wealth.



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