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‘Man overboard’ rule disregarded as man dies after being thrown off a ship for being late

A man was allegedly left to die after he was supposedly pushed by the crew of the cruise ship he was supposed to be on. However, there are contradictions to the reporting of this story.


Warning: Graphic video

Cruise ships operate in numerous places across the world, from the Mediterranean sea to the Pacific ocean. Blue Horizon cruise ship in Greece is among them, but it could be the subject of a marine inquiry following this latest incident.

They are one of the most important components of the leisure travel and tourist industry. In 2022, global cruise industry income was almost $19 billion, up considerably from the first two years of the Covid-19 pandemic but still below pre-pandemic levels.

This is according to Statista.

The 36-year-old man died after being forced into the water by a crew member from the, according to “Alerta Mundial”.

However, “The Mirror” claimed that the man was shoved off the end of the ramp as he tried to board, but he immediately attempted to re-enter the ship. The crew reportedly halted him once more, but this time he seemed to have been forced backwards and ended up in the churning water below.

“It happened in the port of Piraeus, in Athens, Greece, a crew member detained a passenger who was late; in the struggle, he pushed him into the rough water as the ship was leaving, the man died.

“It is presumed that he had already boarded, but he had to go down and, when he returned, that was when the incident occurred. The authorities are already investigating the case,” reported “Alerta Mundial”.

They further stated that guests taking videos from the ship’s deck screamed, “Save him” and “Please pick him up!”

Furthermore, according to “The Daily Mail’’, in a video the man can be seen getting sucked into the water due to the strength of the ferry’s propellers as it continued to sail away from the port en route to Crete.

The news outlet said the man’s body was recovered from the sea a short time later by the Greek Coast Guard and taken to the General State hospital of Nikaia where he was pronounced dead.

“Eyewitnesses claim the latecomer had been shoved off the ramp as he did not have a ticket, despite being able to buy one on board.”

The incident has incited talks and debates about the cruise sector. Some netizens have accused the crew of violating maritime law and committing murder by not following ‘man overboard’ orders.

A man overboard incident occurs when a member of the ship’s crew or a passenger slips overboard. This might occur due to factors such as inclement weather, accidents, or even neglect.

The Cult of sea: Maritime Knowledgebase said that there three steps that needed to be followed when someone goes overboard:

Immediate action:

The person overboard is observed from the observation deck, and action is taken promptly.

Delayed action:

An eyewitness reports the individual to the bridge, and action is taken with some delay.

Person missing action:

The missing individual is reported to the observational deck.



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