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Stay off the press -JSI to military juntas in Africa

Amidst the wave of successful military coups sweeping across the African continent, Journalists
Sanctuary International (JSI) has called on the military governments to not disturb the freedom of the press in their respective countries.

According to the JSI, the justification put forward by the coups leaders is that the civilian governments have ignored the welfare of the people by engaging in acts of corruption, injustices, and bad governance.

“It is evident that that rhetoric resonates with the masses if one take into account the support these
coup leaders have so far received in their respective countries.

“For now, the rank and file of the population or revellers who celebrated on the streets of
Ouagadougou, Bamako, Niamey, and Libreville, see these soldiers as their liberators and heroes. If the juntas are sincere about their claims and the justification they’ve put forward for ousting civilian governments, they must demonstrate that by being the vanguard for the principles of rule of law and good governance.

In a statement issued from its Los Angeles office, founder and President of JSI, Latif Iddrisu underscored the need for the military governments to appreciate the need that the rights of citizens, democracy, and the principle of rule of law, go hand in hand and have cascading effect on each other, making them a conjoined pact that reinforces the core values and principles of human liberties.

“If the juntas are mindful about the welfare of their people, which has been the common and
popular card they have played after taking power, the last thing we expect from them is a
crackdown on independence and freedom of media organizations and journalists, and any move
that could potentially impede their work” he said.

Read the statement below;



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