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Teenage girl blows through R1.2m of her family’s savings on mobile games

Young millennials and Gen Z are the first generations to grow up with the internet easily accessible and available to almost everyone.

This has had some interesting effects. Young people can communicate easily online, study virtually and play games. However, this can get too far, as one family in China found out.

According to the ‘’South China Morning Post’’, a 13-year-old girl who is addicted to mobile games spent her family’s entire fortune on them.

The anonymous high school pupil from the Henan province in central China allegedly took the money from her mother’s bank account over a four-month period.

Her plot was reportedly found out by one of her teachers, who swiftly informed her mother.

The teacher supposedly noticed that the teenager was enthralled with her smartphone and seemed to spend excessive amounts of time on it. ‘’Elephant News’’ reported that when the mother checked her bank balance, she had only R1.33 left.

After her father questioned her about her expenditures, she acknowledged spending R323 163 on the games, R561 330 on in-game purchases, and R267 355 on games for 10 of her fellow pupils.

‘’When they asked me to pay for their games, I paid despite feeling reluctant,’’ the girl was quoted as saying.

The youngster explained that she did not know anything about money or where it originated from, so when she spotted a debit card at home, she just linked it to her smartphone.

She also recalls her mother providing her the password to the card in case she needed money when they were not around.

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