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Medical professional dismissed for recommending ice cream and video games to child with sore throat –

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A recent incident in Brazil has led to the dismissal of a doctor who allegedly prescribed chocolate ice cream and video game sessions to a 9-year-old child suffering from a sore throat and flu-like symptoms.

On May 18th, Priscila da Silva Ramos, a 37-year-old mother from Osasco, Greater São Paulo, took her sick child to a state-owned clinic for a checkup.

She claimed that the doctor displayed unprofessional behavior by neglecting to examine her child’s throat himself and instead proceeded to write a prescription without proper assessment.

The doctor, whose identity remains undisclosed, reportedly prescribed medications such as amoxicillin, ibuprofen, dipyrone, prednisolone, and N-acetylcysteine, along with an unexpected recommendation for ice cream and daily gaming sessions.

Ramos expressed her outrage, stating, “He started writing the prescription without examining my son, without looking at his throat, without examining his chest, without anything.” She further revealed, “Then he asked my son if he liked ice cream, he said yes. He asked if chocolate or strawberry, my son replied chocolate. But I never imagined that he wrote ice cream on the prescription. But he did prescribe the ice cream and daily sessions of the mobile video game Free Fire.”

The unusual prescription came to light the following day when the boy’s aunt noticed the last two lines at the bottom of the prescription.

Ramos and her sister decided to share the peculiar prescription on Facebook, which quickly went viral, drawing attention to the incident.

Subsequently, the doctor faced severe consequences, losing their job due to the controversial treatment approach.

Please note that the rewritten version of the news story is based on the information provided and does not reflect my own opinions or beliefs.


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