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Killers jailed after height jibe row ended in stabbing

POlice Scotland

Two killers have been jailed for stabbing a man after a row sparked by a jibe about the victim’s height.

Billy McGuire, 25, was knifed four times in the chest during the attack in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire.

The violence was triggered after Mr McGuire was told about a comment Brian Folan made about him during a party.

A court heard the fatal confrontation on 20 December 2020 followed a heated phone call.

Judge Lord Mulholland said: “This was a premeditated and cowardly attack.

“The family have been given a life sentence following his loss.

“The courts have all too often seen the tragic results of knife crime and this is another example of it.”

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Folan, 27, was ordered to serve a minimum 16 years and two months after he earlier admitted a murder charge.

His accomplice Corey Craig, 28, was sentenced to 11 years and four months after he pled guilty to culpable homicide.

A third man, 26-year-old Jordon Morrison, was jailed for eight-and-a-half years after he admitted to the attempted murder of Mr McGuire’s friend John Higgins in the same incident.

The High Court in Glasgow heard the men were at a party at a house in Perth Crescent, Clydebank.

Prosecutor Eric Robertson said Mr McGuire and Mr Higgins later fell asleep.

He added: “Folan… described Billy McGuire as ‘a midget and an idiot’.

“Later, John Higgins made a remark about Folan’s mother, which angered him.”

Perth Street, Clydebank


The court heard Mr McGuire was later told about the comment after Folan and Morrison were picked up by Craig.

Mr McGuire then called Folan and said: “Make sure you are in your mum’s tomorrow.”

He added he was “going to come and see him”.

During a separate call, threats were exchanged between Folan and Mr Higgins.

The court also heard Craig had earlier texted a friend stating: “Gone to gaff the now to get that wee Bill.”

Around midnight, the three accused returned to the house but Craig remained in his Mercedes while Folan and Craig covered their faces and went inside.

However, Folan was recognised by his physique and Morrison due to his tan and the “size of his large stomach”.

Mr McGuire was knifed as he sat on a sofa while Morrison attacked Mr Higgins.

‘£100,000 bounty’

The injured men were later rushed to hospital but Mr McGuire went into cardiac arrest and passed away on the morning of 21 December.

Mr Higgins ended up in intensive care from his stab wounds and has been left scarred for life.

Folan, Morrison and Craig were later arrested.

Folan’s lawyer Thomas Ross KC told court: “While on remand, a sum of £30,000 was on offer for anyone who assaulted him.

“He was then advised by the authorities that the bounty had been raised to £100,000.

“That has had a substantial effect on Mr Folan. The police do not give those warnings lightly, so every day he will be looking over his shoulder.”

Craig pled guilty to culpable homicide and assaulting Mr Higgins on the basis he drove Folan and Morrison to the house.

The court was also told both Folan and Craig had previously lost relatives to violence.

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