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Senegalese police are searching for MPs who slapped and kicked a woman MP during budget debate

Cape Town – Senegalese authorities say that they are searching for two male Members of Parliament (MPs) who attacked a fellow female member of the house during a Budget presentation last Thursday.

A violent, chair flinging, fist throwing brawl ensued in the Senegalese parliamentary chambers last week after a male opposition legislator slapped a woman colleague in the face.

MP Massata Samb slapped fellow MP Amy Ndiaye, while she also received a kick to her stomach from Mamadou Niang.

Ndiaye threw a chair back at Samb before another MP tackled her to the floor, as seen can be seen in a parliamentary video recording.

The session was suspended as lawmakers traded blows, accusations, and insults,

She was accused of insulting the religious leader of the MPs party.

According to Ndiaye’s lawyers, a complaint was filed on Monday at a Dakar court against the two MPs involved, Ndiaye’s lawyer told the media on Tuesday.

Tensions in Senegal’s parliament have been on tenterhooks in recent months, especially between ruling and opposition politicians since a July legislative election in which the ruling party lost its majority.

President Macky Sall’s will to seek a third term in 2024 as president has also further escalated tensions in Senegal between opposition benches.

Fights in Senegal’s parliament are not a novel occurrence. In September, another scuffle broke out when parliament convened for the first time after the election as legislators fought over leadership of the house.

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