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Stannington: Hundreds without heating after gas network floods

Flooded water mainDanielle Sapsed-Byrne

Hundreds of homes in Sheffield have been left without heating after a burst water main flooded a local gas network.

Engineers are working in Stannington to remove water from gas pipes after the leak started late on Friday night.

A local resident said the incident caused some kitchens to flood “as water was gushing out of cookers”, with video showing water flowing from a gas meter.

Cadent Gas described removing the water from the network as a “big task”, with about 1,000 properties affected.

It warned the work would take several days to complete, with a community hub set up at The Lomas Hall on Church Street for people to get help or advice.

Yorkshire Water said many properties may have low pressure or no water due to the burst pipe.

‘Unprecedented’ gas flood

Chris Sanders, who lives locally, said it impacted houses on High Matlock Road along with many other houses on surrounding roads.

“Multiple properties in Stannington have either had meters damaged or flooding in kitchens as water and gas was gushing out of cookers,” he said.

“Cadent told us it’s unprecedented and they’ve never seen anything like this.”

Work to repair gas pipes

Chris Sanders

Residents said emergency services arrived at about midnight, with people having to wake up neighbours to check their properties.

Stephanie Van Rosse, from Cadent Gas, said they had been working “throughout the night” to check homes and make repairs.

“We have water in our gas main where gas should be, so we’ve had to cut off the gas supply to the area to ensure it doesn’t spread,” she said.

“We’re getting more and more engineers from across our networks to come and find out the extent of where the water has got.”

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