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Musk feuds with Apple over Twitter advertising


Elon Musk has said Apple has halted most of its advertising on Twitter and accused the company of threatening to remove the platform from its app store.

The feud comes as many companies have halted spending on Twitter amid concerns about Mr Musk’s content moderation plans for the site.

Apple has been contacted by the BBC for comment.

Mr Musk has said Twitter has seen a “massive” drop in revenue, blaming activists for pressuring advertisers.

In a series of Tweets on Monday, he accused Apple of “censorship” and criticised its policies, including the charge it levies on purchases made on its app store.

“Apple has mostly stopped advertising on Twitter. Do they hate free speech in America?” he said.

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He appealed directly to Apple’s CEO – asking “What’s going on here @tim_cook?”

The owner of the social media platform also claimed Apple had threatened to withhold Twitter from its App Store, but did not say why.

Mr Musk has said he wants to make money for Twitter by turning it into a paid subscription service but for now the vast majority of Twitter’s revenue comes from advertising.

Companies including Cheerios maker General Mills and Volkswagen are among the firms that have halted their spending in recent weeks.

Media Matters, a watchdog site, reported last week that half of Twitter’s top advertisers had pulled their advertising on Twitter after concerns about the direction of Twitter.

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