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Children in Need: Ipswich homework club takes pupils to 'next level'

Martin Giles/BBC

A homework club that has been supported by BBC Children In Need has said it was taking children “to the next level”.

BSC Multicultural Services, in Ipswich, has been going for 10 years and also offers online training and sports clubs primary school children.

Mohammed Alam, from the charity, said the free service was open to all children, whatever their ability.

Pupils who attend have said it has helped to push them and it was a “friendly environment”.

Mohammed Alam from BSC Multicultural Services

Martin Giles/BBC

The charity has received £50,000 worth of funding over three years from Children In Need, whose annual fundraising day will feature on BBC One from 19:00 GMT.

Mr Alam said what they offered “could not be done without the money from Children In Need”.

The homework club runs from Northgate High School, Ipswich, during term-time.

Janna, who attends, said: “It’s a really friendly environment, you come in and you do your homework.

“It’s a huge community and it’s just amazing to do the work with people, instead of just doing it home alone, and you get support from teachers around you.”

Arif a pupil at an Ipswich school

Martin Giles/BBC

For Arif, he likes the revision resources on offer and the face-to-face sessions.

“It’s really helpful towards all the tests and exams we have,” he said.

“They help us by telling us what other teachers missed out.”

Fahbiyan a student

Martin Giles/BBC

Fahbiyan said it encouraged him to do better.

“I feel like I should push on and try my best especially with the help of the teachers, as they try their best to give me the best education I can get,” he said.

Bawen, a pupil at an Ipswich school

Martin Giles/BBC

Bawen had been coming to the club for a month and said it was “really good” and “motivating”.

“If I get stuck on it, I just ask the teacher,” he said.

He said as printers and computers were on hand, you could print anything you needed, which you could not always do at home.

Rebecca and Latia, pupils from an Ipswich school

Martin Giles/BBC

One of the many highlights for Latia and Rebecca was the sweet treats.

“When we do our homework, at the end we get some chocolate – you really want chocolate, so you do your homework,” Rebecca said.

“Teachers help more than parents,” she added.

Latia said she found it was beneficial to work in a “nice quiet place, especially if our home is noisy, it just feels good to be away”.

Mr Alam said they filled a gap for children who otherwise “can’t have access to tutors.”

“It’s not about dealing with children who aren’t doing well, it’s about taking a child and helping them to the next level and that’s fantastic to see,” he said.

“You’ll see children from here go to Cambridge, to Oxford, all the way to London, and all universities; they’ve excelled.”

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