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Sony to launch high-end Venice 2 cinema camera in India

Sony has announced that its high-end flagship full-frame cinema camera, Venice 2 will be available in India starting July 18. The Venice 2 will come with an option for two sensors; either a new full-frame 8.6k sensor or the original 6k Venice sensor. The camera will inherit many of the popular features of the original Venice camera including its colour science, Dual Base ISO and 8-stops of built-in ND filters.

The new 8k (8640×5760) full-frame CMOS image sensor should translate to better image quality and improved low light. The Venice 2 offers 16 stops of total latitude that should allow users to capture better video even when slightly under or over-exposed with good colour separation and shadow detail.

The Venice 2 8k CineAlta comes with a dual native ISO sensor which will allow filmmakers to capture clean images under a wide range of conditions and exposure settings. The camera supports various aspect ratios and resolutions from full-frame and full-frame anamorphic to super 35, all at a minimum 4k resolution, making it versatile for many different kinds of productions. It will support a wide variety of lenses including PL mount lenses and Sony’s native E-mount lenses and others that can be adapted to it.

Based on feedback from users, the Venice 2 was designed with a smaller and more lightweight body than its predecessor without losing out on operational features. Despite the camera being 44mm smaller and around 10 per cent lighter, filmmakers can record in the X-OCN and Apple 4k ProRes 4444 and 422 HQ codecs without the need for an external recorder.

The new Venice 2 comes with support for the high-speed 6.6Gbps AXS card and the AXS-
A1TS66 for 9k 60p recording. Existing AXS memory card readers like the AXS-AR3 are compatible with the new media as well. The Venice 2 will feature the same user interface as the original but will feature small tweaks aimed at making it more intuitive. Some of the other updates to the Venice 2 over its predecessor include:

4K output with LUT applied
Improved 3D LUT processing to improve picture quality
EI changes directly applied to S-Log3 outputs
LUT/ASC-CDL control via Ethernet/Wi-Fi
Zoom to Fit (Full-Frame recording with 17:9/16:9 monitoring) operation
Ethernet connector position changed to Camera Assistant side
Lemo 2pin 12V output connector
Internal microphone installed

The Venice 2 with the 8.6k sensor and the Venice 2 with the 6k sensors will be available in India from July 18 onwards with the price available on request.


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