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MX Mechanical Mini & MX Master 3S review: Push up your work game

I learnt to type on old Remington typewriters, so I can safely say I’m old enough to be excited by the thought of switching to a mechanical keyboard, even if it is for just a week. The new MX Mechanical Mini from Logitech offered me just this opportunity along with the wireless MX Master 3S mouse, an update on an icon in its own right.

The MX Mechanical Mini, as the name suggests, is a very compact wireless keyboard which you can easily pack in your backpack. But it is also quite heavy, suggesting that this is going to be different from other keyboards of this size. The base is what makes the piece heavy and there is a metal sheet under the keys that gives it a very serious look.

The keys are reasonably well spread out and there are minimal false clicks, even for me coming in from an iMac keyboard. The keys are backlit and this can be adjusted thanks to the dedicated keys in the function row. There are more dedicated keys, like for taking screenshots or opening the search bar along with those that are legacy keys. The keyboard can connect with up to three devices at the same time and you use keys here to switch. It can be recharged with the USB-C port at the back.

What I like about the mechanical keyboard is the right amount of resistance and travel the keys offer when you are typing. With some of the new keyboard that I am used to, the keys are almost disinterested, as if they are doing you a favour. Mechanical keys though are egging you on to type more.

The mechanical keyboard has the right amount of resistance and travel. (Image credit: Nandagopal Rajan / Indian Express)

Since the pandemic almost completely weaned me away from Windows devices, I tested the MX Mechanical Mini on the new iMac. It does work quite well here, though there are many things that don’t work, like using commands to increase font size while typing on Bear. Some of the dedicated keys too are confused in the Mac environment. So I would suggest you reconsider this if you are not working on Windows devices as I am not sure Logitech offers a Mac version of this keyboard.

The MX Master 3S, however, had no such issues and worked like a dream on the iMac though like with the keyboard I had to use a converter to connect its dongle to the USC-C port. Like earlier versions, this MX Master 3S too offers a great rest for the hand that does not tire you out even after many hours at work. The mouse offers two rollers, one to scroll up and down and another for sideways scrolling. There are back and forward keys just next to where you will keep your thumb as a right-hander. There is a gesture key too just below the thumb, though I did not have much use for it.

The MX Master 3Stoo offers a great rest for the hand that does not tire you out even after many hours at work. (Image credit: Nandagopal Rajan / Indian Express)

Working on really large spreadsheets is really easy with a mouse like this, thanks to the two-way scrolling options. Also, this is when you realise how fast the mouse responds. I liked how you can switch the scroll mode to be more dial-like so that you get haptic feedback as you scrolled down rows on the spreadsheet.

Working on really large spreadsheets is really easy with a mouse like this, thanks to the two-way scrolling options. (Image credit: Nandagopal Rajan / Indian Express)

The MX Master 3S is also very quiet and works on any surface from glass to leather. The rubberised finish makes it comfortable for long hours along with the ergonomic design. Again, it can pair with multiple devices and can be switched easily from one to the other using a button at the base. This one too comes with a charging port at the front.

The Logitech MX Mechanical Mini keyboard and MX Master 3S are great options for workaholics who want to up their professional game. For others, I would say these are really big investments which need some returns to make sense. The Logitech MC Mechanical Mini is priced at Rs 17,495 while the MX Master 3S has a price tag of Rs 10,995. But for those who will improve their work, and play, with these accessories, it is well worth it.


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