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WATCH AFRICA: Kendrick Lamar uses Ghana’s minibus taxis to take his new album places

Cape Town – American rapper Kendrick Lamar is in Ghana shooting a documentary for his just released album.

There are sights of him promoting his new album with a “trotro” (minibus) in Ghana, said the Diaspora Affairs Office of the President, Ghana, in a Facebook post on Monday.

According to local media, the rapper, in collaboration with streaming service Spotify, is promoting his work using the public transport system in the country.

The Diaspora Affairs Office of the President said Lamar’s trip to Ghana recognised the importance of arts, culture, music and the global diaspora engaging with Ghana.

“This visit is significant because we want the Global African and Afro Descendant family to recognise Ghana as the gateway to the ‘motherland’ or ‘the Black Mecca’ where one can reignite their passions, inspirations and connect with people; where one can launch an album, a book, an exhibition, a culinary experience … To Kendrick Lamar, his beautiful family, his team and friends, and to our Diaspora we say Akwaaba!” the Facebook post read.

Lamar also visited the Freedom Skatepark in Accra, Ghana, where he interacted with young people.

Meanwhile, Ghanaian media personality Andrea Owusu aka Efia Odo has suggested that Ghanaians are hypocrites for hailing Lamar for using “trotro” to promote his new album.

If the same thing had been done by a Ghanaian artist, they would have been bashed and ridiculed, she said.

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