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Watch: Bright fireball over Ontario likely left several small meteorites on the ground

April 20 (UPI) — Canadian researchers said an unusually bright fireball that lit up the night sky over Ontario likely left numerous meteorite fragments on the ground.

The physics and astronomy department at Western University in London, Ontario, said a network of sky cameras recorded the fireball streaking across the sky at 11:37 p.m. Sunday.

The department said fragments of the meteor likely made it to the ground near the eastern shore of Lake Simcoe, near Argyle.

“This fireball was particularly significant because it was moving slowly, was on an asteroidal orbit and ended very low in the atmosphere. These are all good indicators that material survived,” Denis Vida, an astronomy postdoctoral associate and meteor expert, said in a news release.

Vida said an analysis of the video indicates multiple small meteorites might have made landfall.

The Royal Ontario Museum is asking anyone who finds a suspected meteorite to contact the facility.


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