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CCTV footage shows terrifying moment Russian missile explodes into fireball in middle of street in Kyiv

The missile destroyed a tram and partially hit a residential building ( Image: APonomarenko/Twitter)

This is the terrifying moment a missile hits a street in Kyiv.

In the footage, a man is seen walking along the street when she suddenly stops to look up towards his left.

Moments later a missile streaks through the air and smashes into the road, causing a massive explosion.

This intercepted missile destroyed a tram and hit part of a residential building as Russian troops have ramped up their assault with airstrikes and shelling on the Ukrainian capital.

This morning’s attack in Kyiv saw one person killed, three hospitalised and nine treated at the scene.

Less than six kilometres away, an apartment block came under fire after heavy shelling.

At least two people were found dead and three were taken to hospital.

This is the moment a Russian missile explodes on a street in Kyiv
This is the moment a Russian missile explodes on a street in Kyiv ( Image: APonomarenko/Twitter)

Civilians have been being taken out of the buildings as firefighters worked to extinguish the flames.

An elderly woman described the moment she was awoken in her third-storey flat by Russian shelling.

The 83-year-old woman told Sky: “It was completely dark and I couldn’t see anything. I couldn’t see any steps. I think they had been blown away.

“Then I heard someone shouting ‘granny granny, come here’ and I walked towards the noise and the fireman helped me down on a ladder.”

An elderly man was also pulled from the rubble of his home following shell attacks overnight.

He was seen with blood running down his face as he walked from the wreckage.

It comes as Russian troops are edging close to the capital while they continue the siege of the southern port city of Mariupol.

Aerial footage taken above Mariupol shows the devastation that has been caused to the city.

The city remains in Ukrainian hands but has come under intense fire from the Russians for two weeks.

More than 2,300 civilians have died since the invasion began.

It comes as one of President Vladimir Putin’s closest allies said Russia’s military operation in Ukraine had not all gone as quickly as the Kremlin had wanted, the strongest public acknowledgement yet from Moscow that things were not going to plan.

National Guard chief Viktor Zolotov, speaking at a church service led by Orthodox Patriarch Kirill on Sunday, blamed the slower than expected progress on what he said were far-right Ukrainian forces hiding behind civilians, an accusation repeatedly made by officials in Russia.

His comments appeared at odds with an assessment on Friday by Russia’s Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu who told Putin that “everything is going according to plan”.

“I would like to say that yes, not everything is going as fast as we would like,” Zolotov, once in charge of Putin’s personal security, said in comments posted on the National Guard’s website.

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