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Punisher abandons his traditional logo at the HQ launch of the new phase –

Late last year, Marvel announced that Frank Castle the Punisher would get a new monthly series, in which he would now act as the leader of the Hand ninja clan — and also use a new logo, in an attempt to ward off the character. of political polemics that involved the use of its iconic symbol for actions frowned upon by society as a whole.

Now, the publisher has released the first preview of #1 punisherand we can see that in some moments of the issue the anti-hero will still be wearing his classic uniform, with his iconic skull introduced more than 40 years ago even appearing on one of the covers of the magazine.

But beyond the change of uniform, what stands out about the hero’s new title is his role as the new leader of the Hand’s ninja clan. While he’s not the first Marvel character to hold this position (Daredevil and Elektra are some of the classic examples), Castle has always been in a world very different from the mystical eastern warriors.

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The preview shows some moments of the Punisher commanding the clan of ninjas, but still doesn’t present any clues, besides a confrontation in an apartment apparently before the main narrative of the title, of how Castle reached the top of the mystical army.

These doubts will probably only be clarified when #1 punisher launches in the US on March 9. The magazine will have scripts by Jason Aaron and art by Jesus Azaís and Paul Azaceta, and will be the beginning of this very different phase of the Punisher.

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