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Company bets on quick battery change station for electric cars –

Reason for biggest complaint of electric car owners, the battery, or rather, its autonomy, may soon stop being a headache. Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL), a Chinese technology giant, presented an innovative solution: EVOGO.

The system consists of a modular quick-change battery solution, which includes blocks called Choco-SEB (swapping electric block, or electric blocks for exchange) and an application that allows the connection between customers, vehicles, stations and batteries.

According to Chen Weifeng, general manager of CAES, a subsidiary of CATL, owners tend to buy electric cars with larger batteries to alleviate range anxiety, although only 10% to 20% of full capacity is usually needed for everyday use. And that’s where EVOGO would come in.

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“EVOGO allows customers to choose the number of battery packs to rent according to their scenarios and driving habits. Only one block is needed for commuting in the city centre, while for longer trips, customers can rent two to three, and exchange them for one again after returning to the city.”

Modular battery is compatible with most BEVs

Choco-SEB blocks, according to CATL, have everything to fill a gap in the market. According to the manufacturer, the exchange system is compatible with “80% of global BEV platform-based vehicle models available on the market and all BEV platform-based models to be launched in the next three years globally.”

The changeover time is also another point that draws attention in the project. CATL reported that the replacement of each 26.5 kWh block will not exceed 60 seconds, that is, in less than 1 minute an electric car owner will be able to leave the vehicle ready to run for another 200 kilometers.

The exchange stations will have the capacity to house up to 48 modular battery cells and, according to CATL, will be intended not only for compact and medium passenger vehicles, but also for logistics and delivery vehicles.


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