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UK pressured to ban Huawei by US –

A former secretary of state denounced that the British secret had guaranteed that it was safe to use the technology of this Chinese giant.

The decision to ban Huawei from projects to build the 5G network in the UK in July 2020 “had nothing to do with national security”, denounced Vince Cable, former British Secretary of State for Business and Industry. If that was the pretext used by Boris Johnson’s government, which assured that it was responding to the reticence of experts from the National Cybersecurity Center (NCSC), Cable assured that while he was in government, in the time of David Cameron, both the services Secrets such as security forces have repeatedly assured him that there is no risk in using Huawei’s services. There is only one explanation for the sudden turn. “It was because the Americans told us we should do it,” concluded Cable, a former leader of the Liberal Democrats, speaking at a conference, quoted by Euractiv.

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