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WATCH: Checkers Sixty60 responds to Springbok RWC kit haters with hilarious ad

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Whether you are a rugby fan or not, by now you must have heard about and seen the new alternative away kit that the Springboks wore during their first Rugby World Cup match against Scotland last Sunday.

Bokke fans were left shocked when the team ran onto the field wearing an aqua blue and white kit instead of the traditional green and gold we all love.

It didn’t take long for folks to take to social media to complain about the unusual kit.

Many said that the kit was giving them Checkers Sixty60 vibes because of the colour palate.

Soon social media was flooded with Checkers Sixty60 and Springbok memes, leaving many people saying that it’s great free marketing for the retail brand.

Checkers heard what the people were saying and finally seized the opportunity to take full advantage of the hype around their brand and the kit by coming out with a hilarious advert “explaining” why the kit looks like their brand.

The ad shows the “kit designer” stressing about why he’s been inundated with questions about what the inspiration for the design of the away kit was.

“I’m an artist. It’s hard to tell,” he added.

Looking into his office his colleague asked: “Is it Sixty60?”

We then get to see that the designer’s office is filled with Sixty60 delivery bags with overlay copy that reads: “It wasn’t us, but it might have been our fault.”

The advert was posted on their YouTube channel where people have left comments saying how brilliant their response is.

“Checkers, give your marketing team a raise! They have been on fire… Brilliant” said one viewer.

Another commented: “If Checkers and the Boks don’t team up after this, a lot of people are going to be sorely disappointed.”

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