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Mzansi has no chill, compares new Springboks’ kit to Checkers Sixty60

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On Sunday the Springboks played their first World Rugby Cup 2023 match against Scotland in France.

While the nation was out in full support wearing their green and gold, the Bokke took to the field in their new alternative kit and people were not happy about it.

Instead of the classic green and gold we all love, the team stepped out in an aqua blue and white kit so far removed from the colours we all know, that they could easily have been another country.

While the nail-biting match kept us on the edge of our seats, many folk couldn’t help but be distracted by the odd choice of colours.

Taking to X, people voiced their opinion on the matter with many comparing the alternative kit to the Checkers Sixty60 colours.

“The new springboks kit looks exactly like the checkers sixty 60 colour and all I’m saying is checkers has a great marketing tactic to put all of their drivers in this kit,” said X user @kneelimb.

@Dumirocks commented: “Why is the Springboks wearing a Checkers 60 60 kit?”

“Guys I know we watching the rugby now but I just wanna ask if we now sponsored by Checkers … I mean I literally see the checkers Sixty 60 colours here.” said @ReneciaW.

“Serious question. When the F**K did the @Springboks start wearing blue and looking like a checkers packet??!” posted @Obie2Time.

Regardless of the colours of the kit, they still beat the Scottish 18-3. So, its safe to assume that no matter what colours they wear, they remain a formidable team.

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