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Six F1 records Lewis Hamilton can break in 2023 including one with Max Verstappen's help

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Lewis Hamilton’s place in Formula 1 history is already secure, and has been for some time.

Most notably, the Brit is the only person who can match Michael Schumacher for the most world championship successes. Even if he never adds another title to the seven he has already secured, Hamilton’s place at the top of that particular chart is unlikely to be troubled any time soon.

He also has more wins than anyone else, with 103 – averaging a victory every three races over the course of his incredible career. Hamilton’s 191 podiums is also a record, while he also has more points, consecutive race starts, consecutive points finishes and pole positions than anyone else in history.

There are plenty more records where that came from, too. Plus, in the upcoming 2023 season, he has several more opportunities to add to that impressive collection. Here are six of them he could finish the campaign with:

Most F1 drivers’ championship wins

The most obvious record he can break. Hamilton is already technically at the top of the charts, matching the seven managed by Schumacher. But another successful title charge in 2023 will see him take the record outright, further strengthening the argument for those who feel he is the greatest F1 racer ever.

Whether or not he will get the chance to do it this year remains to be seen. He will need a much more competitive car than Mercedes were able to give him in 2022 – the first season of his entire F1 career in which he failed to win a single race.

No-one can match the seven world titles each won by Hamilton and Schumacher
Getty Images)

Most wins at the same F1 Grand Prix

Hamilton actually has two opportunities to break this particular record this year. It’s another benchmark he shares with Schumacher – the German is the most successful driver in the history of the French Grand Prix, winning the race eight times throughout his F1 career.

Hamilton has won both the British and Hungarian Grands Prix on eight occasions each. A victory at either race this year will see him take the record outright – doing it at Silverstone in front of a home crowd would be a special achievement. A win in Canada will also be his eighth at that particular Grand Prix.

Most pole positions at the same F1 Grand Prix

A similar record in many ways. Hamilton has a total of eight poles to his name at both the Australian and Hungarian Grands Prix. Victory in both qualifying and the race in Budapest this year will see the Brit break two records in the same weekend.

Lewis Hamilton has enjoyed incredible success in Budapest throughout his F1 career
AFP/Getty Images)

The record is currently shared with both Schumacher and Ayrton Senna. Schumacher managed eight poles in Japan during his racing career, while Senna took his either qualifying success at the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994, the day before he tragically died in the race at Imola.

First driver to win an F1 Grand Prix after 300 race starts

No-one holds this particular record – because it has never been achieved. Throughout the history of F1, not a single driver has ever tasted victory in a race after starting more than 300 in their career.

Hamilton will hope to be the man to change that. Any victory this year will do it, as he already has 310 race starts to his name. Fernando Alonso will also be able to break this record if he can secure what would be a surprise victory in his first season with new team Aston Martin.

Most F1 podiums shared

Hamilton actually needs the help of his rival Max Verstappen to achieve this one. The Brit already holds the current record, after standing on a podium 56 times alongside Sebastian Vettel throughout their F1 careers.

Hamilton and Verstappen might break an F1 record together this year
AFP via Getty Images)

That number won’t be increasing, now that Vettel has retired from the sport. Hamilton has been on a podium 53 times with Valtteri Bottas and shared the top three with Verstappen on 52 occasions, but the Dutchman is more likely of the two to be scoring regular podiums this year.

Most career F1 ‘grand slams’

This is by far the most unlikely achievement on the list, given just how difficult it is to record a ‘grand slam’. It is the name given to when a driver completes ultimate dominance of a race weekend – qualifying on pole, winning the race by leading every lap and also recording the fastest lap of the race.

The current record is eight, held by the legendary Jim Clark. Hamilton is the closest of the current crop of F1 drivers with six to his name, but a driver achieving two or more grand slams in the same year is very unlikely, so he might have to wait for this one.

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