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How much winners earn & round breakdown

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We all know that the Carabao Cup is very much the secondary cup competition in English football, but it’s still worth winning.

Just getting to the final gives you a month of dreaming and a day out at Wembley, so from a fans point of view there is plenty at stake.

The winners are also guaranteed a place in Europe, and for many clubs that is their best chance of getting there.

What bout financially, though? What is the Carabao Cup worth to a club’s coffers?

If you have ever wondered why clubs don’t take the Carabao Cup all that seriously, especially in the early rounds, then just take one look at the prize money table.

There is only a £1m prize pot for the whole competition, and that can only stretch so far.

Clubs who win in round one were paid just £5,000, which might not have even covered their travel costs. In round two it’s not much better either with just £7,000 up for grabs.

The team who wins this year’s Carabao Cup will definitely enjoy their day and it the memories it produces, but the money men won’t be getting too excited.

In fact, the winners of the Carabao Cup this year will win less prize money than those teams who win in the third round of the FA Cup.

Just £100,000 will be awarded to the winners of the competition, with the runners-up netting £50,000.


Prize Money

First round winners


Second round winners


Third round winners


Fourth round winners




Semi Finalist






There is no question that the Carabao Cup is very much the poor relation. Even clubs eliminated in the FA Cup first round proper get more prize money than a Carabao Cup quarter-finalist.

In fact, the prize money on offer in the Carabao Cup for the two finalists is literally 20 times less than for those who reach the FA Cup final.

FA Cup winners get £2m (compared to £100,000 for the Carabao Cup) and the runners up get £1m (compared to £50,000).

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