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Sean Dyche's brutal "bad eggs" task could divide Everton dressing room

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Sean Dyche made an effort at Burnley to rid of the “bad eggs” and could look to do the same as he makes his mark at Everton.

The Toffees have turned to the former Clarets boss as they look to save their season and their Premier League status. Dyche worked wonders during his decade at Turf Moor before he was axed back in April, but came in with some extreme methods when he was initially appointed.

Dyche took the top job at Burnley and immediately asked the players who they felt was bringing down the mood in an effort to raise morale. The atmosphere at Everton may be understandably low as the club seek a first league win since mid-October, but Dyche is unlikely to have any time for individuals who suck the energy out of the group.

Charlie Austin, who worked under Dyche at Burnley, told talkSPORT about his methods: “He got us all in the group and wanted to find out if there were any misery guys or energy sappers as he liked to say. His biggest thing was misery loves a best friend. So what he wanted was to find out who were the so-called bad eggs in the group.

“You weren’t allowed to name them, you just had to write the number. You could have wrote anything and after that it was on him and his coaching staff to find out who it was.”

He went on to add: “The team that’s playing, you don’t have to worry about them. You’ve got to worry about the lads that aren’t playing. You’ve got to keep them motivated, them excited and keep telling them your chance is going to come.”

The Everton squad could be in for a culture shift

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Everton’s current squad consists of players that’ve been signed by a host of Dyche’s predecessors. As is often the case, some individuals are in favour whilst others are resigned to squad roles with minutes very much at a premium.

The new Toffees boss has already spoken about the need to have everyone on the same page as the Merseyside outfit look to fend off relegation for the second straight year and remain one of the Premier League’s ever-presents.

He said: “We want to bring back a good feeling. We need the fans, we need unity and we need everyone aligned. That starts with us as staff and players. Our aim is to put out a team that works, that fights and wears the badge with pride. The connection with the fans can then grow very quickly because they’re so passionate. There is quality in this squad. But we have to make them shine. That’s the job of me and my staff.

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