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Referee brandished circular red card in FA Cup

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The match referee in yesterday’s FA Cup clash confused fans after he brandished a circular red card.

It was shown to Sheffield United’s Daniel Jebbison in the 71st minute after he committed violent conduct during the fourth-round clash with Wrexham AFC at The Racecourse Ground.

The highly-anticipated clash was emphatic from start to finish, with the opening goal coming in the second minute and the final goal in the fifth minute of injury time. It ended 3-3 between the in-form Championship side and National League high-flyers.

Why was the red card circular?

The circular card was later flashed to Jebbison for an off-the-ball incident. There was no VAR in the stadium, so supporters were bewildered at the incident that led to the sending-off.

Match referee Dean Whitestone pulled out an oval-shaped card and it was later confirmed why – it helps “assist” players who cannot differentiate between the two colours, and helped Whitestone distinguish which card he was about to show.

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