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“Russia-Ukraine war has complicated my son’s season”

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Andrey Rublev launched yet another message of peace after the victory obtained at the ATP Finals against Daniil Medvedev. A message that took on an even more important meaning considering that it was a Russian derby. The current number 8 in the ATP ranking wrote on camera without hesitation: “Peace.

Peace. Peace. All we need.” The Moscow native has spoken out on the sensitive topic countless times and was frequently asked about the war between Russia and Ukraine during his press conferences. The questions constantly posed to him by journalists have certainly not eased Rublev’s position.

Rublev’s mother: “My son had a complicated season”

Marina Marenko, Rublev’s mother, spoke precisely of the pressure suffered by her son during the entire season: “2022 was very complicated for Andrey.

He has come under pressure from the public and the media. His lectures have always been very tough. Andrey was ready for anything except this kind of pressure. He had to act intelligently to find the psychological balance. He’s a real hero and I’m very proud of him.

He has accepted all problems, both internal and external. He faced really tough matches, against strong opponents, without fear. He was able to overcome difficulties. He has never lost games in a drastic way, he has created close and balanced matches.

He will get stronger and stronger. War and tennis? I hope the situation improves. The Russian Federation was barred from competing in team events, which prevented players from defending their Davis Cup titles. I hope we will soon be able to perform under our banner.

These difficulties will help us to appreciate the future even more.” Rublev closed out his 2022 by reaching the semifinals at the ATP Finals for the first time in his career. In the next season he will have the goal to improve the 2022 results.

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