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Monday, January 30, 2023

Paul McGinley on ‘DP World Tour Bankruptcy’

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In recent times, DP World Tour has been the subject of some rumors with regard to bankruptcy-related issues. It appears, however, that those rumors were just rumors, and they turned out to be untrue. The DP World Tour has denied such allegations and has emphasized that things are excellent between the DP World Tour and the PGA Tour.

It is a successful collaboration between the two tours, and they don’t intend to break it up any time soon. “Relations have never been better between the two tours,” McGinley said, as quoted by Irish Independent’s Brian Keogh.”

They are working very collaboratively together. We’ve just announced record prize funds and so has the American tour. I know everybody doesn’t want to believe me and everyone wants to believe the rumours that we’re bankrupt and we were saved by the Americans and all that bulls***.

That’s absolutely not true.”

Paul McGinley: It’s a great opportunity for the European Tour

As a result of the alliance between the two Tours, both sides will be able to reap great rewards. In terms of the relationship between the two Tours, McGinley is particularly optimistic about the future.

They will certainly not stop cooperating anytime soon, and McGinley did not forget to mention the benefits they will receive by working together. “We’ve now hitched our wagon to the PGA Tour, and it provides long-term security for every player on the DP World Tour going forward.

It’s a phenomenal deal we’ve done with the PGA Tour. And it’s the path of least resistance in terms of risk. So it’s a great opportunity now for the European Tour to grow and slipstream with the PGA Tour. The big benefits of the strategic alliance will really kick in in 2024 when you’re going to see more joined-up thinking between the two tours.” McGinley does not give up on his intentions. DP World Tour is an ambitious project.

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