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Fore! Arguing golfer bites off playing partner’s nose after post-round scuffle

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Johannesburg – In a quite bizarre end to a game of golf, a man in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi in the US, had his nose bitten off on Thursday by his playing partner, according to a report on local station WXXV-TV.

The two men had reportedly played a round of golf at a resort course when they began arguing. Later in the day, the argument continued in the parking lot of a casino when the victim was attacked and badly injured by his playing partner, Mark Wells.

Wells initially fled the scene in his car before turning himself in at the Bay St. Louis police station.

According to police, the victim’s nose was not found.

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Bay St. Louis police chief Toby Schwartz said: “The investigation determined that suspect, Mark Curtis Wells, bit the nose off of the victim.”

Wells was charged with felony mayhem and taken to the Hancock County Jail, but he was released within the hour after posting bail.

The Biloxi-based Sun Herald newspaper reports that Wells could face seven years imprisonment if convicted of a premeditated “crime committed with the intent to kill in which the suspect mutilates, disfigures, disables, or destroys someone’s tongue, eye, lip, nose, limb or another body part”.


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