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After his win against Daniil Medvedev at the Nitto ATP Finals in Turin, Novak Djokovic had a few thoughts to share. He said, “I wanted to win regardless of qualification, like he wanted to win regardless of elimination.

“Nothing else matters. When we play against someone we want to win. I think today’s match was a manifesto of our mentality. He wanted to finish the season with a win, and I didn’t want to lose to him. “I am not able to do the calculations.

I don’t like making calculations on the court, I’ve never done them. My mentality is to win every game I play. Especially at this point in my career: every opportunity to win against the best in the world is golden and must always be seized.

This is my mentality. I don’t think about what will happen tomorrow”. ON LIMITS, HOW DOES HE OVERCOME THEM EVERY TIME. On this subject, Djokovic said, “I don’t think there is a limit. The limit is in your head.

It’s just a matter of perspective and approach, of perception of how you see things in that specific moment. “The biggest battle is the one you have with yourself. If you can find an optimal state of balance between your mind and body, you can bring out the best in yourself at every moment, on every point and in every game.

“But these are just words. That’s the theory. Then you have to take the field and there are a huge number of factors that can influence. How you play, the audience, your opponent. Then comes the nerves. “Sometimes they come to your aid, others bring out the worst in you.

There is no secret recipe or single road to success. The most important thing is to keep your head clear, eyes and ears wide open, and try to learn from every experience you’ve had, hoping that this will help you next time to avoid swings.

“Swings are the most dangerous thing in tennis because it is an individual sport. The more you swing, the worse it is. You have to avoid the ups and downs as much as possible, keep that curve as flat as possible”.

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