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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Boxing Results: Joseph “Jo Jo” Diaz Loses To William “Camaron” Zepeda!

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By Ken Hissner: At Pechanga Arena, San Diego, California, Saturday over DAZN Oscar De La Hoya (Golden Boy Promotions) presented in the Main Event former 2012 Olympian Lightweight Joseph “Jo Jo” Diaz lost a lopsided decision to William “Camaron” Zepeda over 12 round bout.

In the Main Event Olympian southpaw Joseph “Jo Jo” Diaz, 32-3-1 (15), #137 ½, of South El Monte, CA, lost to southpaw William “Camaron” Zepeda, 27-0 (23), #137, of San Mateo Atenco, MEX, over 12 rounds.

In the first and second rounds it was all Zepeda with Diaz only having some offense in the final thirty seconds of the round. In the third and fourth rounds Zepeda continued to rip the body of Diaz. In the sixth round Zepeda drew blood from the nose of Diaz.

In the seventh through the ninth rounds Zepeda continued dominating the fight. In the tenth round Diaz was having a better round but under his left eye is much swelling.

In the eleventh round Zepeda continued outworking a game Diaz. In the twelfth and final round Diaz was having his way halfway through the round when Diaz came back well with half a dozen unanswered punches. In the final seconds again a flurry of punches from Zepeda without return from Diaz at the bell.

Scores 119-109 twice and 118-110 as did this writer.

Referee was Thomas Taylor.

WBO NABO Welter champ southpaw Alexis “Lee” Rocha, 21-1 (13), #146 ½, of Irvine, CA, defeated Jesus “Ricky” Perez, 24-4 (18), #146 ¾, of Tijuana, Baja California, MEX, over 10 action packed rounds.

In the first round both were throwing bombs mostly to the body. In the second round Rocha hurt Perez with a body shot and he complained to Referee Ray Corona to no avail. In the third round referee Corona warned Rocha of a low blow. Perez fought back hard though being outgunned by Rocha. In the fourth round Rocha drew blood from the nose of Perez with a flurry of punches.

In the fifth round Perez came back well enough with body shots to take the round. In the sixth round both boxers had their moments with the Rocha fans yelling for him but Perez would continue to fight back no matter how hurt he was.

In the seventh round back and eighth rounds this round of a real slugfest would go with Perez possibly taking another round. In the ninth round Rocha hurt Perez with a body shot but he would come back with his own punches. In the tenth and final round Perez when he looked hurt would come back again and again with the fans enjoying this one.

Scores 100-89, 100-90 and 99-91 with this writer 97-93.

IBF Fly champ Leonela Paola Yudica, 18-1-3 (1), #111 ½, of Chimbas, San Juan, ARG, lost her title by split decision to Arley “Ametralladora” Mucino, 32-3-2 (11), #112, of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, MEX, over 10×2 rounds.

In the first and second rounds Mucino continued to press forward outworking Yudica. In the fourth round it was all Mucino having Yudica in trouble at the bell.

In the fifth round Yudica countered well having Mucino’s left eye closing. In the seventh and eighth rounds Yudica countered well showing her championship form. In the tenth and final round it was all Mucino hurting Yudica to the body.

Scores 97-93 Mucino, 96-94 Yudica and 96-94 Mucino as did this writer.

Referee Rudy Barragan

Super Bantam Hector Valdez, 16-0 (8), #121 ½, of Dallas, TX, won a disputed split decision over Max Ornelas, 15-1-1 (5), #120 ½, of Las Vegas, NV, over 10 rounds.

In the first two rounds Valdez pressed the action outworking Ornelas. In the third rounds final seconds Ornelas landed a good left to the chin of Valdez. In the fifth round it was Ornelas countering well taking his first round.

In the sixth and seventh rounds Ornelas continued doing well against the oncoming Valdez who can’t seem to cut off the ring. In the ninth rounds final seconds Ornelas rocked Valdez with a left hook to the chin. In the tenth and final round Ornelas had problems with his shoe more than he did with Valdez as it seemed to come apart a bit.

Scores were 97-93 Ornelas, 97-93 Valdez twice and 96-94 Ornelas by this writer.

Referee Jack Reiss

Super Feather Jorge Chavez, 4-0 (3), #127 ¼, of San Diego, CA, defeated Adrian Leyva, 3-4 (1), #127 ½, of Cuba and Houston, TX, over 6 rounds.

In the first round with thirty seconds remaining a right from Chavez dropped Leyva for an 8-count from Referee Jose Cobian. In the third through the fifth rounds Chavez had Leyva in trouble throughout the round. In the sixth and final round after a minute a left hook from Leyva hurt Chavez on the chin. Chavez landed a left hook to the body hurting Leyva drawing blood from his left eyebrow.

Scores were 59-55, 58-56 and 60-54 with this writer 58-56.
Featherweight Japahethlee LIamido, 10-0 (4), #126 ¼, of Norwalk, CA, knocked out Pablo “The Lethal Mosquito” Cruz, 22-6-1 (6), #128, of Houston, TX, at 1:36 of the first of a scheduled 8 rounds.

In the first round a flurry of punches from Llamido caused a defensless Cruz to be stopped by referee Ray Corona.

Feather southpaw Asa Stevens, 3-0 (1), #122 ½, of Walanae, HI, defeated southpaw Mychaquell “Michi” Shields, 0-1 (0), #122 ¾, of San Diego, CA, over 4 rounds.

In the second round Stevens landed a left to the chin dropping Shields for an 8-count from referee Jose Cobian. In the final minute it looked like Stevens may have broke the nose of Shields. In the fourth and final round Stevens hurt Shields with a left to the chin halfway through the round.

Scores were all 40-35.

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