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Leonardo DiCaprio’s ultra-luxurious ecological cars

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Leonardo DiCaprio has always been a great ecological activist: for years he has been fighting with public demonstrations, trying to involve numerous fans in the fight against climate change and union in preserving endangered species and collapsing ecosystems.

He owns a garage full of luxury cars (and not only!), but they are all green models with electric motors. The Hollywood star owns a Lexus RX Hybrid, the world’s first hybrid but premium SUV. A car with large interior spaces, first-class accessories, ecological leather seats and at the same time close to zero emissions.

Price 80 thousand dollars, approximately. He also has a Fisker Karma, the greenest car in the world but also a very expensive car. It was Leonardo himself who popularized this Swedish brand worth 140 thousand dollars. The interiors of the Fisker Karma are entirely made of trees that have fallen to the ground by themselves, thus favoring the reforestation of the Earth.

Not just luxury though: DiCaprio has a Toyota Prius, a less luxurious model than the Toyota car that costs about 30 thousand dollars. This car is equipped with an electric and petrol engine which is perfect for the city.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s commitment to safeguarding the environment

In 1999 DiCaprio devoted himself to travel, especially in South America, making documentaries that illustrate the emergencies of the Earth.

He opens his own official website where ample space is dedicated to the environment and animals in danger of extinction. He participates in world conferences on the increasingly scarce water supply and on the risk of desertification and wild deforestation; finally he meets the then president of the United States Bill Clinton, with whom he discusses the issues of environmentalism.

TIME and Playgirl magazines dedicate a cover to him. In 2017, through his foundation, he donated a million dollars to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. In early 2019 he mobilizes to support the petition launched by Change.org, to free eleven killer whales and ninety belugas held in small overcrowded cages on the east coast of Russia.

Six months after the complaint, all the animals were released. In 2019 he created an environmental foundation, the Earth Alliance, with which in August he donated five million dollars to save the Amazon rainforest ravaged by fires.

For the same purpose, the actor decided, together with Will Smith, to launch a line of limited edition ecological shoes and to donate the entire proceeds to the Earth Alliance.


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