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“2 evenings in a row, just me and her”

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In an interview with Digi Sport, former WTA player Alexandra Dulgheru remembered some funny moments she lived with Serena Williams when she was on the tour.

Indian Wells meeting with Serena Williams

“Then, at Indian Wells and Miami, we met again.

At Indian Wells. I was also with my grandson, who is mulatto. At one point, I was still trying to take pictures of Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Serena. My grandson felt much better with the boys. He got scared, however, when Serena came towards him.

I told her: ‘Keep calm, he’s very talkative, but he’s shy’ ‘Wow, how nice he is, and what genes he has. These genes should be for girls, not boys,’ Serena said (Alexandra laughs again),” said Dulgheru.

Miami meeting with Serena Williams

“I had lost, but I was training for the next tournament. Because I had no court, I had to come in the evening. Serena, on the other hand, was in the upper stages of the competition. And I woke up at one point, about two evenings in a row, just me with her in the dressing room,” said Dulgheru.

US Open meeting with Serena Williams

I remember around 2014, at the US Open I think, when I came back from the first operation and won a decisive 7-6, tough, with Lepchenko (n.r. – Varvara Lepchenko). It was a very nice match.

If I didn’t crack my backhand (laughs). Everything that came on the backhand was a winner or close to a winner. I went wild (laughs heartily). And when I walked into the locker room, I bumped into Serena. And she told me, with her theatrical style (gesturing): ‘I saw your match on TV.

How well you played. And that backhand? It’s one of the best on the circuit. Unbelievable, how well you hit,'” Alexandra Dulgheru said. “She asked me what I had on my leg. I told her about the operation. After which, sympathetically, she (Serena) replied: ‘I’m sure you’re persistent and you’re a fighter. If I came back after so many injuries, anyone can’,” Dulgheru said.


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