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Friday, September 30, 2022

Bill Haas, greatest recovery shots of all time

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“Waterfall? What water? ” It must be what went through Bill Haas’s mind in 2011 after playing the heist of the year.

Bill Haas, results

It cannot be hidden that the tension increases every time a player enters the water to play the shot from the obstacle.

We also add to this the pressure generated by a playoff where whoever scores the lowest score has won (sudden death or sudden death n.d.a.). Let’s put the FedExCup and 10 million dollars in the ingredients and the picture is complete.

Bill Haas was facing Hunter Mahan when his second shot on the second playoff hole on the East Lake course ended in the lake. With Mahan already safe with a par, Haas had no choice but to try that shot. He not only “sprinkled” the ball, water and mud on the green, but the spin nailed the shot a few centimeters from the flag for a short tap-in for the par.

Under the eyes of his father Jay, a former Tour star, and his brother Jay Jr. who was caddy, Bill was still scoring a par at 18 to win the FedExCup. The up and down or approach and putts from the water will live forever among the greatest recovery shots of all time in golf.

The FedEx Cup is the PGA Tour’s new championship, introduced to golf in 2007. For the first time, golf will be played in play-off style. The lucrative event is sponsored by FedEx. With currently (2021-2022) 18 million US dollars for the winner, the prize money was the highest that could be won in golf until the founding of the LIV Golftour 2022.

In total, prize money of 75 million US dollars is distributed annually via the FedEx Cup. In the first two years, rule changes were made in order to improve the negative experiences of the previous year. In February 2008, the first changes resulted in more players having a chance to improve during the playoffs.

In addition, the reset of playoff points has been tightened and more points awarded to playoff participants. This is somewhat of a disadvantage for those players who skip a playoff tournament. Changes were made again in November 2008 to ensure that the FedEx Cup cannot be won before the final tournament.

The reason for this was that Vijay Singh had already collected so many points after three playoff tournaments at the FedEx Cup 2008 that he was actually the winner and only had to play and complete the final.


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