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Friday, September 30, 2022

That’s why Woods missed the cut at the Open

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After he had a car accident, Tiger Woods tried to return to golf. He previously had a recovery period. Things were not completely resolved, but Woods still decided to play in tournaments and show his passion for what he loves the most.

It was clear that Woods could not be the same, but it was impressive that he came back and that the crowd had the opportunity to watch him again. After an unsuccessful appearance at The Open (injury had an impact), Woods decided to take a long recovery period to try to return to the golf course.

His caddy, Joe LaCava revealed the main problem at St.Andrews and why Woods had an unsuccessful adventure. “The putting and the short game was not quite there,” LaCava told the Dan Patrick Show. “He is working so hard on getting stronger and healthier, he is working on his long game, working on his endurance.

“The short game has been neglected a little bit”.

Tiger Woods’ return

It is still unknown when Woods will return to the golf course, but LaCava has a plan to work with Woods and they have already set priorities for the next period.

Woods will have to strengthen his body, and work on recovery. Effort and work as well as maximum focus will be necessary. Tiger has shown several times that he does not want to give up. He is a great fighter, golf is his greatest love, and it seems that Woods is ready to do anything to come back.

The great golf star Rory McIlroy supports Woods and hopes that things will be alright. Rory is aware of what Woods means to the sport and what his influence is. “We all want to see him do well. He was all our hero growing up, even though I’m maybe a touch older than some of the other guys. But we want to see him do well.


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