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Ohanian praises Serena Williams’ defendant Steph Curry after 20K crowd face-off

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Serena Williams’s husband, Alexis Ohanian, applauded Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry after a video showing the basketball star confronting more than two thousand fans emerged on social media. Ohanian appreciated Curry’s leadership decision of taking the crowd’s pressure off of his comrade Draymond Green onto him.

“Leaders lead,” said Ohanian about the moment.

“I struggled so bad in Game 3, I was a f–king disaster,” Green said during his podcast.

“And the reality is, I was a little rattled. And I’m never rattled because it was just unexpected. “You expect the boos, you expect people screaming and yelling at you, but I never expected 21,000 people to be yelling ‘F–k you Draymond.’ And then you’re running down the court, and on the sideline, it’s ‘F–k you, b—h.’ So I was a little thrown off by it and on top of it, I was struggling playing,” said Draymond as quoted by NBC Sports.

“The emotion from him in Game 4, I selfishly think, and no one’s going to stop me from thinking this, I selfishly think it was in protection of me,” Green said. “What you dive into is your game, but I couldn’t really dive into that because I was struggling [in Game 3].

And I think he visibly saw that,” said Dray.

Stephen Curry once stood up for Serena Williams

Besides being friends and shooting a few commercials together, Curry once stood back for Serena Williams after she had an argument with the umpire.

It happened during the US Open 2018 final that Serena lost against Naomi Osaka. “The way Serena handled the situation, I think she handled it with such grace and class,” said Curry. “At the end of the day, I hope everybody understands and celebrates Naomi because she’s the U.S.

Open champion and that’s pretty dope,” the GS Warriors star continued. Watch Serena Williams’s 2018 umpire rant here:


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