IN MEMES | Twitter lost their marbles when Malefu spoke Afrikaans

It’s wedding time on The River and it looks like it’s going to be the craziest one yet!

If the amazing promo videos, the mad celebrity cameos and the crazy Afrikaans scenes Malefu and her daughters were pulling after Gert-Johan Coetzee walked in are anything to go by this is going to be a lit week on the River.

Not only did K Naomi make a brief appearance as a wedding planner and Gert showed up with the dress last night. Look, they are clearly not holding back for this wedding.

Of course there’s the inevitable drama.

While Tumi was in her feels and praying with her mother and other women before her big day – Zolani was partying up a storm and cheating.

Twitter still had the memes though, despite the drama that’s about to unfold. This wedding is mos def going to be a talking point.

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