New spy thriller Condor is a gripping tale of conspiracy

It’s remake of a movie that’s a remake of a book

The series is a modern take on the 1970s film Three Days of the Condor, starring Robert Redford, which was itself based on the spy novels Six Days of the Condor by James Grady.

Expect twists and turns as Turner uncovers what’s really going on at the CIA after his work gets his colleagues killed and he’s blamed for the crime. He must work quickly to find out who is behind a frightening plan that threatens millions of lives.

‘You never know how deep the well is’

In an interview with Collider, Max Irons revealed how deep the conspiracy went. “It’s very far-reaching,” he said.

“He starts to put it together, but it takes him a while. Joe’s initial responsibility is just to survive and evaluate the immediate landscape around him. That’s the best he can do.

“As the show progress, especially in the later episodes, he starts to get a sense of what’s what, but even then, it’s very hard. When you throw a stone into a well, you never know quite how deep the well is. There’s no real way to come to a concrete answer with these things, as far as who’s behind what.

“The priority for him is pure survival, in the beginning.”

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