Terrified motorists tried to reverse to get away from M1 shooting

He said as the robbers tried to join Jan Smuts Avenue to make their getaway‚ they made a swift turn as they saw a police vehicle.

“They also fired a number of shots at the police and faced oncoming traffic‚ to join the M1 again.

“It was so crazy‚ other motorists didn’t know what to do. They tried to reverse and get way from the scene‚” Huma said.

As the gunmen fled the scene‚ Huma said he rushed to the car to see how he could help the two people who had been shot.

“I held the man on my hands and told him that he will be okay.

“He was battling to breathe and talk. He was badly injured.

“The female passenger was shot on her leg‚” Huma said.

The male driver was shot in his chest and stomach.

Huma‚ who had blood stains on his dirty shoes and his hands‚ said he held the man until emergency personnel arrived.

Police are searching for five suspects.

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