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Monday, December 11, 2023

”How do people date multiple partners?” Solomon Buchi asks cheaters

Relationship expert and prominent writer, Solomon Buchi, has made a recent Twitter tweet where he questioned people who were dating multiple partners simultaneously.

Buchi, who personally endorses monogamy, finds the idea of juggling multiple relationships simultaneously confusing. He shared his dedication to providing undivided attention, commitment, and communication to one partner at a time. This approach, he feels, leaves no space for another, prompting him to question how others manage multiple relationships.

The responses to Buchi’s question were diverse. Simple Femi suggested that sexual interests might drive some towards multiple relationships. Another commenter known as Mercy agreed with Buchi’s viewpoint, acknowledging the exhaustion that comes with maintaining numerous relationships. A follower known as Angela spoke on the anxiety and secrecy that might come with dating multiple people, and wondered how some manage this with confidence.

Recall that back in September In a striking statement, Buchi addressed the notion of men doing women a favor by marrying them. He challenged this concept, asserting that marriage doesn’t ‘fix’ a woman’s life, and rejecting the idea of marriage as a remedy for non-existent shame. He urged men to abandon misconceptions, possibly fueled by certain media portrayals, about women’s reliance on marriage for fulfillment.

“I wonder how people date multiple partners, because I give all my attention to one person. I fully commit to one person. I communicate with one person. I open up to one person. I can only speak for hours to one person. After doing all these, there’s nothing left for a second option.”

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