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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

”Shame on those who said he was chasing clout” Emotional reactions as Rapper Oladips passes on

The entertainment world is reeling from the sudden and tragic loss of rapper Oladips. Just 30 minutes ago, his management broke the heartbreaking news of his passing, following a secretive long-term battle, the details of which are yet to be fully revealed.

This news comes in the wake of concerning events that unfolded just yesterday. Oladips, known for his music and powerful presence, was seen in a distressing viral video. The footage showed him in a dire state, fighting for his life, as his friends frantically tried to assist him. Captured on November 14, 2023, the video depicted a grim scene with Oladips collapsing and his friends screaming in panic, trying to revive him.

Prior to this shocking episode, Oladips had reached out on his Instagram stories, desperately seeking help. He mentioned a friend, Only One Lifetime, and expressed frustration over not being able to contact his friends, emphasizing his discomfort with being alone, especially given his undisclosed condition. Following this plea, another video surfaced, showing a friend tearfully transporting him to the hospital.

Initially, some had dismissed Oladips’ plea as a mere attention-seeking move. But with the tragic news of his death, the narrative has shifted dramatically, particularly among his loyal fan base.

The outpouring of reactions has been profound and varied. One commenter condemned those who initially accused Oladips of fabricating his distress, stating that they should be ashamed. This sentiment was echoed by others who highlighted the critical issue of celebrities often being afraid to seek help due to public skepticism.

The responses range from anger to deep sorrow. One user, callmeamy, reflected on the troubling trend of young Nigerian talents passing away too soon, praying for strength for Oladips’ family during this difficult time. Another user,, fluffybear clung to hope, wishing that the news was just a cruel joke, underscoring the collective heartbreak.

LHis passing has started a conversation about the importance of taking pleas for help seriously and the need for more empathy towards public figures.

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