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Thursday, November 30, 2023

”You’re charging in dollars but can’t pay your staffs your dollars” OAP Dotun knocks Veeke James

Veekee James, a renowned designer, has been creating waves not just with her designs but also with her business decisions and personal life. The designer, who operates predominantly in the Nigerian market, recently sparked a heated debate following her interview with Teawithtay.

During the interview, James explained why she priced her services in US dollars, despite being based in Nigeria. This revelation stirred up a storm among netizens, who have been critical of businesses in Nigeria pricing their products and services in foreign currencies. The criticism stems from the belief that such practices are not only exclusionary but also contribute to undermining the Nigerian Naira.

Media personality and OAP, Dotun, was vocal in his criticism of James. He argued that while it’s common for American businesses to charge in dollars and British businesses in pounds, it doesn’t justify Nigerian businesses, like that of James, pricing their services in foreign currencies. Dotun emphasized that this practice is detrimental to the Nigerian economy and devalues the Naira. He humorously pointed out the irony in James charging in dollars while paying taxes and her staff in Naira, questioning the fairness and logic behind such a business model.

Dotun’s comments reflect a broader sentiment among Nigerians, who feel that charging in foreign currencies is not justifiable, especially when the primary clientele is Nigerian. He urged businesses to normalize pricing in Naira, to support the local economy and currency.

On a more personal note, Veekee James has been in the spotlight for happier reasons too. She recently got engaged to her long-term boyfriend, an event that caught the public’s eye. The engagement was particularly notable because of a viral video showing James praying fervently during the process, revealing her long-held hopes for the proposal.

Adding to her personal narrative, James had disclosed in August 2023 a heart-wrenching story about her past relationship. She shared how an ex-boyfriend betrayed her trust in a particularly hurtful way, providing insight into her journey of personal growth and resilience.

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