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Monday, December 11, 2023

“Fear innocent looking girls” Nigerians slam Christy O following the rumors of her sleeping with her married colleague, Kess

Social media has been hit with a new wave of scandal. This time around it seems the scandal is ushering a new month and the Independence Day.
This scandal revolves around reports that Married BBN star Kess and his colleague Christy O are engaging in sexual acts.

They have both come under intense scrutiny and criticism following rumors of an alleged affair with Kess, who is married.

Nigerians took to various online platforms to express their shock, disappointment, and outrage. Fans and followers of both Kess and Christy O flooded the internet with their opinions and thoughts.

The scandal that has rocked the BBN world began when Kess’s foreign-based wife stumbled upon a trove of explicit text messages on her husband’s phone. These messages, painted a clear picture of an adulterous conversations and graphic discussions between Kess and Christy O. The revelation was nothing short of devastating to Kess wife.

What makes this scandal even more complex is the fact that Kess had been sharing an apartment with Christy O while his wife was abroad. Kess had also reportedly been dealing with financial difficulties which had forced Kess into this arrangement, as he couldn’t afford the rent for the apartment on his own.

Kess had also repeatedly reassured his wife that his relationship with Christy O was purely platonic. He went to great lengths to convince her that Christy O was nothing more than a friend, a sisterly figure even. He even claimed that he didn’t find Christy O attractive. All of these were obviously lies to Kess’ wife after she found the incriminating messages.


One ladyque had this to say,

“How can a married man be sharing rent with single lady?? Una just dey misbehave for this Lagos”

One bel dianique had this to say,

“I’d never understand why a married woman will expose her husband on social media like this..like will it solve the issue? Smhi”

One wig.palette had this to say,

“Once again the most innocent looking girl is doing what the non innocent looking girl might never think of doing I like wen things like dis happen so y’all can luurrrrrrrrnnnnn not to judge a book by its cover!!!!”

One effedeborah had this to say,

“What in the chef Dami jollof boiled beans and palm oil sauce is going on here?”

One poshest_hope had this to say,

“This Christy O that looks like a saint? 10 is happening”

One man.down001 had this to say,

“We just Dey enter new month, make Una calm down”

One sunnvecheleofficial had this to say,

“No be this Kess wey say Mercy no go win, CeeC get bad character…. So much for someone with “good character” and that Christy o that called angel a name….”

One highy_and_classy_ had this to say,

“Another reason to fear innocent looking gals, u see those talkative deh are pure in hrt”

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