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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

“We are focusing on each other” Angel and Soma reveal as they serve their former partners hot breakfast

In a not so surprising twist, Big Brother Naija’s power couple, Angel and Soma, have revealed that they are leaving their past relationships behind to focus on their budding romance.

This decision has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions among fans who have been following their journey since the reality show began.

When Angel and Soma entered the Big Brother Naija house as individual contestants, they openly acknowledged that they were in relationships with other people before the show commenced.

However, as fate would have it, the two found a deep connection within the confines of the house, and their relationship blossomed in front of a captivated audience.

Now, outside the Big Brother Naija house and amidst their media appearances and interviews, Angel and Soma have dropped a bombshell by revealing their intention to stick together as a couple.

This means they have decided to say goodbye to their former partners and focus solely on their own love story.


One aketefia had this to say,

“Soma I don’t want to hear #justiceforsoma 000 this one you’re going to date Angel 00o My justice don finish”

One makanaki_bugatti had this to say,

“Una no get any partner outside stop d lies, u came out on Sunday and already ended ur relationships. Liars from the pit of hell”

One egoumez had this to say,

“Soma now a I thought you’d borrow sense once you’re out? See how he is confident and pushing. Angel is there shinning teeth all this breakfast • • is gon be yum yum”

One datdezignerguy had this to say,

“Tears go flow for Soma eyes so tey e go dry, he go still Dey cry.”

One mhiz_tomi02 had this to say,

“2 years ago Angel came out with a boyfriend CROSS. This year SOMA (le) breakfast is all I see, make soma no disturb us for reunion”

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