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“The same people f#ghting for Justice for Mohbad are bul#Ying others online” IK Ogbonna slams Nigerians

Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna is known for his unfiltered opinions, and recently, he publicly expressed his opinion in the wake of the tragic passing of Mohbad. IK Ogbonna has taken a stand, urging Nigerians to reflect on their actions as they demand justice for the late Mohbad.

“It’s sad how fans fighting for justice for Mohbad are same people budying other celebrities online.

We are all against any form of bull mg

But the same fans are out there on our timelines bullying every celebrity

Dear fans, a lot of celebrities are living in depression and you are partially responsible.

Stop ballying

Stop fueling false stories

Be the light you seek

A Plea for Empathy:”

IK Ogbonna reminded the public that behind the glittering facade of fame, many celebrities battle their own inner demons and challenges.

He argued that some of his fellow celebrities were silently grappling with depression and anxiety, and online bullying only exacerbated their struggles. Ogbonna called for a more empathetic approach, stating that the fight for justice should not come at the expense of someone else’s mental well-being

Let’s recall that recently Kemi Filani had reported that IK Ogbonna had stated that he did not ask ladies out.
During an interview with petite talk show, he had confessed that he had never properly asked a girl out. This was becasue he has always had lots of female friends all his life. He stated that him and his female friend would evolve to a point where they would “start liking each other” and then things would just spike up from there.

He had however admitted that he had asked his ex wife out when he first saw her on instagram. He said that was because he had known that he was going to marry her, hence why he had gone all out. He also revealed that he did not know if asking out his ex wife did count.

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