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Sunday, December 10, 2023

2023: “As a fair minded person, I know that no Election is perfect but this one was a Sham.” -Dele Momodu

Dele Momodu, a well-known PDP member, has harshly criticised the results of the 2023 presidential election, in which President Bola Ahmed Tinubu was declared the winner. In an interview with Channels TV, Momodu shared his opinions and expressed his dissatisfaction with how the election was handled.

Dele Momodu said that if the election had been handled fairly and openly, he would have been ready to tell his party’s nominee, Atiku Abubakar, to congratulate Tinubu as the rightful victor. When questioned explicitly about what disturbed him about the election announcement and processes, he made general remarks spanning both elements.

Dele Momodu also went into further detail about his concerns, highlighting the basic problems he saw with the election itself. Due to existing legal processes and his non-judicial position, he refrained from going into detail about any particular matters. He acknowledged that the world community and other groups often criticise Nigeria, but he insisted that the 2023 election was seriously flawed and far from perfect. He drew a striking contrast with his actions during the 2019 election, when he immediately pushed President Buhari, the victor, to extend his congratulations. This action showed his dedication to justice and the acceptance of election results when they are performed legally. But he nevertheless called the 2023 election a “sham” and “utterly chaotic.”

Dele Momodu stressed that “everyone, the international community, is entitled to their opinions, even if they choose to criticise us,” in his own words. We have a tradition that prevents us from always accepting the truth. The indisputable reality is that I would have been the first to encourage my candidate to congratulate Tinubu if he had won without the various irregularities. When Buhari defeated Atiku in the 2019 election, I immediately turned to Twitter to urge Atiku to offer his congrats. Although I am a fair-minded person and recognise that no election can be perfect, this one was a clear failure and a total catastrophe.

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