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Why I Shed Tears When I See The Type Of Pastors That Are Coming Up Today – Apostle Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman, the general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, has shared why he sheds tears whenever he thinks of the type of pastors coming up to take over. He shared this in an excerpt from a sermon, which he shared on his social media page.

According to him, if God decided to call all the fathers of the faith home today, there would be no other pastor worthy enough to receive their mantles.

“One day I was in my room, and I was crying. I was crying for the youths I see. I was crying for the pastors I see. So if God decides to call all the fathers home today, there will be no pastor ready to collect their mantle,” he said.He lamented that the pastors today only attack other pastors, which is why there is no display of power like there was in the past.

“Those days pastors will send brothers to go and remove charms from one house, to pray for mad people and they will be normal. These days your handset has become your distraction. Your phone has become the source of your lukewarmness.

“When a pastor does not like another pastor, he will climb the pulpit and use the Bible to talk against the other pastor. He will indoctrinate all the innocent members who were not there when the problem was initiated, and who will not be there when they will settle,” he lamented.

He urged his followers to face their walk with God, and focus on their spiritual growth.

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